Single Phase Offline Pre-paid Meter


Our pre-paid electricity with a smart meter is made to provide you more control over your spending and energy usage. You can monitor your electricity use in real-time thanks to smart meter technology, which empowers you to choose when and how much energy you use. You can top up your energy balance using our pre-paid method online or through our software, and you’ll only ever pay for the energy you consume.

Product Properties
  • Real-time monitoring: The smart meter technology allows for real-time monitoring of your electricity consumption, giving you accurate and up-to-date information about your energy usage.
  • Pre-paid system: Our pre-paid system means that you only pay for the energy you use, and you can top-up your energy balance online or via our software.
  • Daily usage alerts: Our system sends you daily usage alerts, so you can keep track of your energy usage and budget accordingly.
  • Low balance notifications: You’ll receive low balance notifications, so you know when it’s time to top-up your energy balance.
  • Detailed usage reports: Our smart meter technology generates detailed usage reports, giving you a better understanding of how much energy you’re using and when.
  • Online portal: You can access your energy data via our online portal, giving you full transparency over your energy usage.
  • Greater control over energy usage and budget: Our pre-paid smart meter electricity product gives you greater control over your energy usage and budget, allowing you to make informed decisions about how much energy you use and when.

Overall, our pre-paid smart meter electricity product is designed to help you save money on your energy bills and give you greater control over your energy usage.

Charge Meter
To use our pre-paid smart meter electricity product, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Purchase energy from authorized vending stations by paying money and receiving a 20-digit credit token from the Power Supply Company.
  2. Enter the 20-digit credit token into the meter’s keypad.
  3. Press the “” key after entering the credit token.

If the credit token is valid and accepted by the meter, the LCD will display “ACCEPTED” and the purchased energy will be added to the meter’s energy register.

However, if the credit token is invalid or rejected by the meter, the LCD will display “Error” along with an error code in the upper-right quarter of the LCD. In this case, the remaining energy in the meter will not be affected.

Technical Specification

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